Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday Week

So this week went pretty well.
Monday we played soccer for the first time. It went well but I can't play well. But I'm thinking in the next year I will learn and be good. Or at least that's the hope.
Tuesday was the birthday. It went well. We had Ceviche de Camaron for Lunch cause its my favorite. And then in the night we had a birthday party with a less active family whose daughter turned 5 on the 14th. SO lots of jokes that I'm old. But it was cool. Some random stuff is that in Ecuador, they yell "Vive el santo!" "Vive!" at the birthday parties. It means "Live the saint" Or kinda like "Live long saint." But it's wierd I just laughed and laughed when they said it. But also you bite the cake after blowing out the candles and someone pushes your face in it. That was funny.
It's wierd to say that I'm 20. Not used to it. Don't think I will be.
Other than that we had Stake Conference and we had Pres. Dennis and Pres. Groeburg (the temple president) come and talk. It was really cool.
Also we have a bunch of baptisms this week in the zone and if we get some miracles going we can break the zone record. I am pumped and really really excited to see it happen. I want them to split the zone while I'm here. Doubt it will happen so fast but I hope so.
Transfers are next week and I think one of us will go but who knows which it will be.
But other than that we are working hard and just trying to keep focused on the work and nothing else.

Elder Moore

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