Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well there goes 2013

First of all this week was super wierd. Pretty much nothing was what it normally was. Pday Tuesday, district meeting Monday. Not working Wednesday but it will be the same this week. Hopefully we can take advantage of our time better in this week. But who knows.
It has started raining. Kinda. I mean it rained a tiny tiny bit on Friday. I am just talking sprinkles. But is always cloudly now. But still hot and we are just waiting for the rain to really start.
Chirstmas was cool. We had Elder Phillips, Elder Reyes, Elder Saavedra, and Elder Blanco in our house. We had a Christmas dinner. Just meat and mashed potatos and fruit salad. But it was delicious. We also played some board games that we have. Then we counted down the Christmas. It was really wierd. Felt way more like New Years. But I guess what ever. They have lots of fireworks this week. And its super annoying at times. But not too bad. I think tonight will be horrible.
Then Chirstmas day we just stayed in the house except for an errand we had to run. But it was cool.
I love talking with the family on Thursday. The hour on Skype was great. Passed super super fast. I didn't even realize until my comp told me that I have 2 minutes more. But it was great.
Overall I am just trying to get by these strange weeks so we can go back to working normally.

Elder Moore

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