Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Well, I have a new hijo

Although it surprised me, we got a new companion. His name is Elder Miñan. He is from Peru (I seem to have a bunch of those). He is new. And I mean new. This is his first sector. And we are his first companion. I was not expecting to have the opportunity to train again. It's really weird to be in a trio as ZLs. I means i'ts weird anyway. I like being in a companionship. But I guess I will have to get used to it. It will be interesting.
We had the baptism of Oswaldo this week. It was awesome cause Pres. Dennis gave permission to Elder Moreno to come. He was the elder who found him and the family loves him. He also helped reactive the family to get baptized. We will see what happens. There is the mom, the grandma, and two little girls who all listen when we visit. So I'm super excited.
Other than that there is not too much going on. I mean we are trying to work the best we can with the crazy schedule we have. It was nasty. But we are starting to find more people but like always finding people is the hardest part. Not really but it's the most annoying.
Other than that we had P'day today because we needed to take advantage of the time we have. I think the same will happen next week but who knows.
Overall Chirstmas is here and I'm not trunky. It's too hot to believe that it's Christmas.

Elder Moore

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