Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh what a busy week!

This week was super duper busy.
Monday. Pday. Always fun
Leadership Council. We started in my chapel and then we went to the mission home which is in the richest part of Guayaquil and like 40 minutes away in a car. But it was cool. There we took pictures and everything. At night I did a baptismal interview and she was super ready.
Wednesday. District Meeting that is normally Tuesday.
Intercambio and two more interviews. Long day with little lessons and lots of sitting around
Weekly planing until 1. Lunch till 2 and leaving for the temple at 4. Not much work done that day either. But the temple was awesome! We saw the new video and it is so much better. Super great.
Friday. We could work. Finally! Trying to sure up the baptism. Finding people.

Preparing for the baptism. Visiting a few people. Waiting for 1 and a half hours for the baptism. And boom! done! Then the counselor of a ward that doesn't have missionaries said he wants us to work in his ward to raise their spirits. So we are going there too.
Sunday. Confirmation. Getting people to church and meeting with the ward missionaries. Then visiting a few people.
Today. Transfers. I stay here but we are in trio until Wednesday when he starts training and another missionary comes with us to be trained by us. So we are going to be ZLs that are training. Crazy.
But things are going super great. I mean who doesn't love a busy week. But no worries.
Chirstmas is close but I haven't really caught the spirit yet. I guess sweating in the sun doesn't mean Christmas to me. But I guess we will see what happens in the next few days.
Overall. Things are great. Two or three more baptisms this week. I guess we will see. no worries though. Just getting work done!

Elder Moore

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