Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving? No.

So first of all, I tried so hard to have Thanksgiving. But we have ward council and informes to
recieve from the zone so after trying so hard, I just couldn't. It was going to be a chicken but nope nothing. But it's ok.
Overall, things are good here. We have some baptisms this week. Pretty much all of them are putting up a fight but I am feeling good about it. Just need to focus of the spirit and they will get it done.
The zone is still struggling but no worries. We are correcting it.
The zone conference was really cool. It was Christmas-y and really cool. Pres. Dennis was really funny. We had a 4 zones there so I was able to see a bunch of old buddies from other sectors and even a few that were in the Guayaquil North mission with me before the Guayaquil West mission was created and they are also now in the West mission. So that was really great to see everyone.
The mosquitos in the house are more undercontrol. I really have done pretty good killing all of them. But I'll keep going.
Overall things are pretty tranquil here. I mean we are working hard but not too much that is super new. We are working great with the less active members. We took 9 to church and there are a bunch more that are possible. We just gotta make sure that everyone keeps up thier testimony and we will be great. We don't have too many investigators but the ones we have are pilas. They are progressing well and I know that we can get it done.
I'm not too trunky with Christmas coming. Pretty much cause I dont believe it is Christmas cause it's too hot here to be Christmas. And there are no cheesy movies but overall I think I'll be fine.
Everyone Keep me updated.

Elder Moore

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