Monday, December 9, 2013

Ending the cold streak

Well the plan was to have 4 baptisms this week. But one by one we had problems and we were super busy all week so weren't able to sit there with them for too much time. It was tough but we were able to get to Saturday with 3. But then one fell in the morning. So One got baptized Saturday and the other one to get baptized Sunday. But then in the night a member went to tell her he will go with her to church and she told him she can't get baptized cause her boyfriend moved in with her and he doesn't want her to go to church. So there are a few reasons that she can't get baptized. It killed me. She was so close and so excited. She was ready to change her life! But this week we are on pace to have a couple. But a few are kinda tough.
Random fact: I am part of the mission chior. How that happened I don't know. I think it has something to do with the fact that we have the keys to the church haha. But I still can't sing that well. But I'm trying. We are going to sing for a catholic church. I want to sing Joseph Smiths First Prayer. But we'll sing Chirstmas songs I guess.
I'm feeling a lot better in my role as zone leader. I have alot more confidence. I'm just trying to figure out what more we can do to motivate these missionaries.
Overall it was a crazy week and will keep being crazy this week. But I'm excited cause this week we are going to the Temple. I don't know when but we are going this week.
Oh and this week we had the ward Talent show. It was really good. The Relief Society did a clown act and it was really funny. The elders did the story of Jonas and it was really cool. The Primary did a christmas dance and it was cool.
Things are going great and I'm excited to keep working.

Elder Moore

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