Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One week more

So first of all, I need to give mad respect to the sister missionaries. In this month, they were nearly the only ones who baptized in our zone. The Assistants saved us and have 1. So in the zone we had 13. We are really thinking we need to step our game up. Lets see what we can do.
As for us, we are no longer in trio. Elder Castillo got his companion and well... we will keep working with them at times. But we are doing a lot of intercambios to try and lift of up the zone. We have great opportunities here we just need to take advantage of them.
We have 4 really great people preparing to be baptized. One is the daughter of an inactive family who we found following the guidance of Pres. Dennis and Pres. Monson in looking for less active people to active them. The blessings are already coming. And the other 3 are Teenagers who are super interested. The mother of one of them is even a bit interested we just need to help her focus in the gospel.
Random story. Apparently I offended someone for knocking on their door. Yup. Not even hard or that much. Just a good knock.
We had interviews with Pres. Dennis this week and it went well. Things are great. Just trying to help so that he doesn't have to worry about our zone at all.
We had a Area wide training last night. It was cool. All the the ward councils went and we learned alot. Tenemos que trabajar juntos. Its was funny cause the Area 70 kinda ripped a few people apart. No one specifically, but he clearly had someone in mind.
We have a zone conference this week so that will be great. I'm pretty excited.

Elder Moore

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