Monday, November 11, 2013

You Raise Me Up

This title is what the zone is doing. This is the goal for me and Elder Mejia right now. We are doing alot better. We nearly doubled a lot of the numbers and we are doing great. We just need to keep on suring things up and we are going to finish the month strong and keep on going strong through out December. It's wierd that we are already thinking about December.
Today we had a leadership council and it went really well. I felt great and it was good seeing some old friends (old as in like 6 months ago jaja). Things are really great and I know that things will only get better.
The Mission Work does not exist anymore. It is now the Work of Salvation. Our emphasis is not just baptisms anymore. But in less actives and converts. Way more than before. President Dennis doesn't even want us knocking doors- just activating people and the promise from the leaders is that the baptisms will follow and will be more and of better quality. I'm really excited to see how we can finally fix the problem of 200 attending and 700 members in the ward. We can easily have 2 wards there.
We have quite a few investigadores that are progressing very well. We just need to make sure that we can get them some great conversion. Prayer, Book of Mormon, and Church Attendence. That's how the Lord has commanded us and that is how we will do it. I know that we will have it all done right and they will stay here strong.
Random fact, The mosquitos are driving me crazy. I'm in the middle of the city and they are eating me in my sleep. Both me and my comp are having problems sleeping cause of how much the bites itch. But we are going to try like 3 different solutions this week. So no worries.
I'm feeling alot more confident and I know this is going to be some great success that we will have. I'm super excited.

Elder Moore

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