Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Walking in Trio (andando en trio)

So first of all we are in trio right now. Elder Costillo is with us. His comp wanted to go home but the President talked him into just a transfer. Hopefully he gets more excited. But Elder Costillo has been in Trio like 3 times in the past 3 months. So he knows the sector fairly well.
Today we went to the hospital cause he had an appointment (nothing serious) and on the way we saw the coolest thing ever. Here they make giant paper machete characters for New Years and they start super early. The ones we saw today were from Space Jam. The villan aliens. But it was awesome cause they were like 3 stories tall.
Other than that not too much news. We went to Playas this week for an interview. Its 2 and a half hours there and then 2 hours back. So we lost most of the day there. But it was cool to see more of Ecuador.
But other than that not too much. The bishop says I look like Peter Parker. He also gave us Blessing that we will have success in the sector. So I'm pretty excited.
Things are good and I know will keep getting better.

Elder Moore

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