Monday, November 4, 2013

One Week. Three Comps

This week we had transfers. Our old ZL finished his mission Wednesday and the new people came on Friday so it wasn't much of a surprise that on Friday we had transfers. I did get transfered. The surprise was that I stayed in the zone. And not just that but I became the companion of Elder Rojas, from Chile. He trained Elder Costello from my CCM group. But right after training he became the zone leader in our zone. So then I became his companion. So if you were able to follow that train to logic town, I am the new Zone Leader in our zone. Not what I expected. But I guess its all good.
Then last night we got the call from the assistants that there were more transfers. And Elder Rojas had the transfer. So I had 3 days with him. And one was an intercambio trying to help another sector. So I don't really know our sector that well. But there are quite a few people here.
My new companion is Elder Mejia. He is from Honduras and is excellent. He has had a lot of success lifting up zones and so we know what we need to do right now. It's going to be great to see the way that we can really get to work.
As for finishing my time with Elder Arias, things went well. We had seemed to have everything understood and working well when I got transfered. But I guess thats the way life goes.
So this week well keep working and try and find the best that we can to lift up the zone to be the best in the mission, in the Ecuador and in the world.

Elder Moore

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