Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh what a surprise!

So first of all conference was awesome! I was able to go to all 5 sessiones and loved it. We had two investigators come to 3 sessions and another come to another. So it was awesome. The two that came to 3 sessions are going to get baptized this week. I'm super excited. It's a mother and her son and they are super cool.
But as we were going to the Saturday morning session, we were going down the hill. There were alot of people on the stairs so I went first to pass them. This dog came by and was super calm and then just snapped. It bit me twice in the leg. But no worries. Neither were deep and didn't really bleed at all. I haven't had any pain or anything. We cleaned it up and the cuts aren't even pink. The dog has its shots- just doesn't like gringos. I just figured y'all would want to know. So I've been making jokes with everyone about how this is how the zombie invasion starts and how I want to eat my companion. But nothing has happened. I actually forgot about it Sunday until I went to change pants. Seriously not bad at all. Best quote ever though, "If you didn't get bit by a dog on your mission, you didn't serve a mission." So yeah I guess I've served now. haha
We got to go to the temple too. So I was super excited about that. Finally got some good pictures there.
Here's a picture of the bite. The color there is just of the oxide that the member put on to clean it up. It never really bled. I had to try to get it to bled out a bit of the bacteria. Again no problems.
Oh but my district now has 5 sectors. Its a joke. The zone only had 6 sectors when I got here. So I'm practicly a zone leader right now. I think they are about to split the zone in two. We have 22 missionaries in the zone. So yeah its pretty big.
But things are super awesome here. Just keeping up the work.
Elder Moore

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