Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing Week

So last night as I was falling asleep I thought of a super catchy title for my letter. but I forgot it. but that's ok cause this week was awesome.
So first of all I did service for the first time in my mission. haha kinda. It was the first time actually getting in service clothes and helping someone out. We helped a family of almost all members to paint their room. (the mom is the only one who lacks but she will be soon I feel). We couldn't finish cause we had the baptisms but overall we got pretty far and will finish this week.
This Saturday was baptism day. Five. In 2.5 families. A brother and a sister. Their cousin. and a mother and her son. It was super cool to see how excited they all were. I baptized the mother and the brother. It was awesome. I wanted to invite President Dennis but never did. But the assistants came. So it was really cool.
We filled the goal for the District! We had 8 in the district so I was pretty pumped about that. We also filled the goal for the zone too. So things are going pretty well. I am just looking for the people for this next month. But no worries. We are already in the path to find them.
Things are really wierd in the mission right now. I don"t know what to think about pretty much everything but I know I will get every single answer in general conference. No worries there.
Oh and cool story. We were teaching someone and an iguana showed up on their roof so we helped them get it off and back into the trees. So... yeah that happened.
Also same day we were walking around and a guy told us to come over to him so we did. We talked with him for a bit and turns out he fights chickens. Trained them and everything. They are all out front of his house. So... that happened too.
But things are going super well. More testimony builder about the importance of obedience and dillegence in the work. But overall I am super excited for the things that are coming.

Elder Moore

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  1. I loved this letter. I feel like I am in Ecuador (w/o the heat and humidity!)