Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I will survive. hey hey

From:Mason Moore
Sent:Mon 10/14/13 1:53 PM
So I just wanted to say that when I first got bit I was like "oh no!" and then I was like "this is a story." But right now I feel like its a pretty lame story. Cause it has healed super fast. The scabs are already falling off. Seriously nothing happened haha. But the owners make fun of me as I walk by cause I walk pretty far from the dog. they say I'm scared. I wouldn't say I'm scared but definitely precautious.
We had the two baptisms this week and they recommended thier family. And so with them we had 5 people who want to be baptized but Thursday in the night they told us they were moving the next week. So the bishop said no they should be baptized in their new ward. I agree but we now have to fight just to reach our goal again. I feel like I'm just sending my fruits to other zones.
Ecuador qualified for the World Cup this week. Everyone is super excited and was super drunk after the game. So that was good I guess haha.
This past Sunday Pres Amaya (of the North Mission) came to my ward for the first time in 4 months. It just happened to also be the first time in 4 months that every single one of our investigators failed us. Also our ward mission leader didn't come and didn't assign the lesson. So I got to try and wing a lesson with Pres Amaya and 2 recent converts (everyone is traveling for vacation). You can imagine how I felt. But one of the converts cried during the lesson cause of the spirit so I knew I didnt ruin it.
Overall, I'm just learning more about hope than anything. But no worries. I'll get along.

Elder Moore

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