Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh what a long week

So its been a long week (as the title implies). I am kinda bumbed out that NO ONE wants to go to church. Seriously. The best we got was a guy who came 2 and a half hours late. He also was afraid to interupt so he didn't enter priesthood class. But at least he came for abit.
Saturday we did an invasion in the ward Florida. It was the best invasion I have ever seen. Normally they're a mess and the references are junk. But this one was amazing. We got alot done and now I know why this ward has about 10 baptisms every month. Their bishop is the boss. He works with the North Mission and the West mission and still does visits with the missionaries in his ward (he was two companionships). He has already split the ward once in his time and its on the verge to split again. I can't explain how good he is.
We went to la Bahia again today and I got a really cool looking Ecuador soccer jacket. I think I could have gone cheaper but my comp kept telling me that "no thats a good price" so the guy wouldn't go lower. But I dont feel it was a bad price. But I could have done better.
I'm thinking I have 2 more weeks in this sector cause thats when Arias finishs and the assistants aren't making jokes that I'm staying there for a year anymore. But I guess we'll see.
The rainy season is coming. It sprinkled one day but nothing more. I'm not excited. Aparently this sector gets flooded worse than more of Guayaquil. So ya I am thinking a transfer to the coast would be good.

Elder Moore

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