Monday, September 16, 2013

Well another week down

First of all I realized I never told you guys some cool stuff that happened. One is that I was in the August addition of the Ensign for this area. Not much but there was a foto of my CCM group in it. I don't know why cause the article was not written by anyone in my group but it was cool. haha.
The other is that in my ward there is a member that knows Elder Richins and Elder Moore from the Guayaquil South mission. His name is Jimmy Marcillo. He's a ward missionary and a really funny guy. He didn't know them super well but it's a small world. Also I met a member of another ward who knew them.
This week was really up and down. But mostly up. I did my first interview and it went well but now he is trying to postpone is baptism. But he still wants to be baptized. We had a lot more success as a district and I think it will continue. We are just trying to pick up the pace and get some work done. We had a few people attend the church but nothing too crazy. I am just trying to figure out what we can do to get these baptisms this week and next week. So many people are soooooo close.
I'm already excited for conference. I am going to understand it and learn so much and the people that attend will get a testimony that we have a prophet in the world and that we all need to follow him and that the church is true. I feel it can be such a powerful day for those people.
But things are going really well. I am excited and know that things are going to keep on going and improving. I got some advice from good ole Elder Mckay Payne and I know it will help. But overall things are super great here. Just need to keep up my excitement and everything will be good.
Elder Moore

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