Monday, September 23, 2013


So this week I got a bunch more testimony on the importance of obedience. Pretty much I heard stories of everyone breaking the rules and how so many elders and even hermanas are not focused in the mission in the slightest. 
But this week was good. We are just assuring the baptisms we have next week. We have 5 people who are going to be baptized this Saturday and they seem to all be super excited and ready and without any problems. So we are just going to keep working and get it done.
We had 2 intercambios this week. One where I went to a sector to help them and one where the ZL came here to help us haha. But both went well. Interesting results but both were definitely needed for one reason or another.
I have been listening to conference talks this week abunch and it's got me super excited for conference. I know that if an investigator can go to conference they will be converted super fast.
But yeah I am still super excited for everything that is happening and I know that it's all for the best.
Elder Moore

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