Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, the big new of the week was a phone call I got on Wednesday. The lideres de zona called and were asking about if I like my sector and how we were working as a companionship. I was super scared that they were going to tell me I'm being transfered. But that wasn't it. I am a district leader now. But my district is huge! I have 4 sectors in my district and it includes the elders of the office, the hermanas and one other district. So at night I'm on the phone for like 30 minutes giving and recibing informes. But I think things will be good.
But either way things were good.
We had 13 people with a baptismal date at one point in the semana. And after that it all just started to go down hill. OF the 13 none of them came to church and after church we place a date with 2 part member kids. They are cool and ready.
Today we went to the Malecon and the Bahia. Its the boardwalk and a outdoor market that is crazy! Everyone is trying to get us to buy their shirts and pants and shoes cause they know we are missionaries. But we knew what was the good prices so we didn't get jipped too bad. But they sure tried. One guy cut his price in half after the first try. I got a long sleeve shirt, a white ecuador jersey and a new speaker in the shape of a Coca Cola can.
Things are going good. I'm really growing and changing here but I know it's all for the better. I will not be the same person coming home and that is a fact.

Elder Moore

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