Monday, September 2, 2013

I am trying to be like Jesus

I don't know why I put this title. It has nothing to do with what happened this week but it popped in my mind as I started writing.. I guess I'll follow the spirit haha.
This week was good at first. Friday everything took a turn for the worst and I was just depressed on Friday night- but not too bad. We had everyone fall through and I just was mad more than anything. We had an investigator who asked us how he can be baptized sooner fall through. And now we can't even visit him because he behaved badly in school and his mom is mad and might pull him from this middle school. She took all permission away for us to do anything with him. We can't visit or teach him, he can't come to church, and clearly can't be baptized. SO I was not in a good mood after that.
Sunday we had everyone fall through for church. Except for a family that wanted to go. But I have a rule that I won't take the kids to church unless their parents come. If they come on their own awesome but I need to know that they won't fall through after the baptism. There were 8 kids and they were ready to go but no one could go with them. SO they were mad at us for saying no and mad at their parents for not going. But the mom committed to go next week and has a date for baptism.
Overall things are great here and I am really enjoying training. I am explaining some random doctrine to my comp in lessons cause of the questions he has since he has only been a member about a year but overall I know he just wants to know and we are working well.

Elder Moore

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