Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week Two of Training

So week two of training down. Things are still doing really well. I am really enjoying how the work is going. We did have baptisms this week. They fluxuated from 1 to 5 through out the week. In the end we had 3. The other two had really different problems. One can't wait to be baptized and just needs permission and the other has permission and support from his family (kinda) and has lost the desire. His mom is a member but doesn't want to make the decision for him so she really isn't supporting him. But overall things are great.
Today was supposed to be transfers but it didn't really happen. They only closed one sector in our zone cause an elder finished his mission. He was a DL. They are just going to have 1 less leader for a while in the zone haha.
Overall things are great. I got some letters this week so I was happy about that.

Elder Moore

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