Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Week To Remember

So this week was seriously insane. I bet y'all are wondering why I'm emailing so late today. Ill answer that first. I was transferred. So we had to travel there and buy food and all that. So ill explain that later.
This week we also had a trio with one of the assistants. Hes pretty cool and i loved working with him. It was some of the best lessons I've been in and we were really productive the entire time. I seriously feel that was one of the best days of my mission so far.
I've set a goal because of that day. I want to be the type of missionary that is asked to be an Assistant. Ill decide later if i want to be an assistant or not. But for now i want to have the success and be a good enough missionary to be asked to be an assistant. It also really helped that that morning was a zone meeting and i felt the spirit super strong and felt a great need to really push my companions to work.
So all this week Elder Mayta was telling everyone he was going to transfer and pretty much preparing to transfer. So on Sunday night he was talking to some other elders about transferring to the West mission and everything. But the call never came.
I'm the morning we woke up to a text from the ZLs that said to call. He took that as him getting transferred. So in our morning prayers we prayed that he would travel safely and my companion would get here safely. Yeah not true.
We called and they said it was me transferring and now Elder Mayta. I was shocked. So it ended up being Elder Rosaslanda, Elder Brady and me transferring in our zone. So we went to guayaquil.
After that we met up with everyone in the terminal and it was great. When we got there Elder Gray and Elder Erickson were waiting. We loved seeing them again so we talked to them for a bit. Then elder Costello came. Then Elder Gould passed by. So we were able to have nearly our whole CCM group back together for the last time. Me and Elder Brady were the only ones transferring and so we weren't sure if we would all be in the same mission anymore.
I met my companion Elder Paredes and we headed out. We found out we are opening a sector again. Its been closed for close to two months so we had to have the ZLs help us find everything. The craziest thing is who lives in my sector. President Amaya. Yeah the mission president lives in my sector. Apparently he will teach the gospel principles class every once in a while. So no pressure right?
We had the joy of going shopping and then trying to find our house again. We are in Guayaquil so it is a much more city setting. But everything should be good.
But apparently the reason for all of the changes today was to get everyone in the right mission for the split. So if everyone is right on which mission my sector will be, I am going to be serving in the Ecuador Guayaquil... West Mission. I'm pretty happy cause it should be cool. Ill have the beach and even parts of the south mission. I could even end up with Elder Duzzett again. So things will be interesting to see. We don't know what the rules will officially be but we will find out.
Things are going pretty good here and i like my new apartment. Different but still pretty cool.
Elder Moore
Here's a picture of our CCM group together for the last time today.
Peru MTC Group

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