Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finishing Up My Training

So this coming week is the last week of my 12 week training. So there is a pretty good chance that there will be transfers the next Sunday night. Not sure but Mayta is starting the whole "i'm transferring  thing again. I would love to transfer to be able to see the coast for once.
The big thing this week was that Ecuador and Peru played on Friday night. So all week everyone was talking about it. Elder Mayta talked trash and made bets with some of the other elders. I even gave in a bet a Coca Cola. The game was at 9 o´clock so we didn't get the chance to catch any of it or even hear the score. So Mayta was freaking out all night. In the morning he called like 5 members to find out who won but everyone either didn't watch it or fell asleep. Everyone here goes to bed at like 10. But finally he got hold of a member who watched it and found out that Perú won 1-0. So i got him a coke, a sister owes him another soda and an Ecuadorian elder owes him a tie. Pretty funny.
We had one baptism this week and it was really cool. He had so much joy as he left the water. He works with a member and the member was the one who baptized him. They were both really happy after. 
We had an Elder return home this week from Venezula. he is really cool. Hes the son of the lady who does our lady and feeds us quite a bit so we had a few chances to talk to him. He already had 2 references for us on Saturday and set up appointments and everything to come with us. He will be a great help. 
Im doing pretty good though. No real problems health-wise. I mean theirs the nicks and bumps that happen when you walk around all day but i'm really doing well.
Saturday night i lost my pen. It was tragic. Its a really cheap pen and i replaced it very easily but i was pretty sad. I have used this same pen everyday since i entered the field. It was pretty much out but i was excited for finally use a pen all the way before losing it. 
Funniest moment of the week was when one of these two twins (who are the wildest children ever) went Mike Tyson on the other for touching his transformers toy. They are like 3 years old and super crazy. But the one picked up the transformers toy and the other one bit his ear. No blood and nothing really bad but it was so hard not to laugh. They are truly hilarious. 
The work is going well. I know things will be good as time progresses. But the mission split is getting really close and so it will be interesting to see if there are some crazy transfers these next few weeks or if it all stays calm. Either way. Hopefully everything goes well. 
I'm really close to just being a "Gringo" and not a "Greenie."

Elder Moore

I also put on a picture with Felipe who was baptized 3 weeks ago and he is one of my favorite people here. Super awesome.

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