Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of the Month

So this past week went pretty well. No problems really. One thing weird happened though. No one in our Zone transferred. So everyone is still here. I am thinking that when i finish my 12 weeks there will be changes though. We will see.
I got my Ecuador Jersey and a Manchester United Jersey for 10 dollars total. So i was pretty happy about that.
Ecuador lost to Germany in soccer this week but everyone seems to feel they played well cause Germany won the last World Cup. So they definitely look good for the coming cup.
We had 2 baptisms this week. It was two girls whose parents are not members but want to be baptized but need to get married first. So hopefully we can get them married. This was the baptism were we have had the most people. Their entire family came and they had grandma and cousins and we got some members there and it went well.
The two sisters who werent confirmed last week didnt come to church this week either. The one who was super excited about the church now has doubts. Satan has had 3 weeks to put doubts in her mind and its working. So now we need to try and excite her again.
I got a good picture out of a members back door so hopefully you like it.
We had the training for Ward missionaries again. It pretty much turns into gospel doctrine. We found the scriptures about seventys and bishops and everythingn in the bible. ITs pretty crazy. 3 weeks of 2 hours and we are still on lesson 1.
Things really are going well though. Im really starting to feel a love for the people. When everyone said to just wait until the end of your training to see what the mission is really like, i had trouble believing them. But it really has changed a bunch in the past 10 weeks.
Oh we can drink Coca-Cola now. So.. ya.

Elder Moore

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