Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Strangest Week

This week was so weird. We really had a good week but at the same time it was just not a normal week. First of all E´Mayta had a meeting in Guayaquil so he was gone for 2 days. So I stayed in Republica in a Trio. The best part was who i was with. Elder Ramos and... Elder Brady! We did the impossible the Gringos were companions! It was for about a day and a half cause of travel and junk but it was way fun. I felt I learned a lot and it really just helped me to have a great attitude. I also got a better perspective on how much we have improved since the CCM. Crazy to think i'm on my 9th week out here.
We got some baptisms this week though so that was awesome! We had one on Thursday night but her sister didn't come. Then on Saturday we tried to have two young men and the sister but once again the sister didn't come. But we got 3! I was really happy about these cause all 3 really seem to love the gospel and will be great members. They are not just people we got to be baptized but wont stick around. Ill put the pictures of all three on in a second.
Only 2 came to sacrament meeting so we will have to work on getting the other confirmation.
The Rainy Season is now completely done. No more rain at all. Not even a sprinkly till January. The little mud puddles and tiny lakes are drying up and they started oiling the streets to avoid kicking up dirt. But im glad that i can now not have to worry about rain at all for a while.
Im really struggling right now with how the people don't have a high level of comprehension. We can say "these are the 5 things we dont consume" and then they just wont get it. Its the same with everything. I can read a scripture about the importance of the BoM and they just get confused. There are some great investigators who get it but its a very small number right now we have 2 but they both got baptized this past week. So that's something ill need to try and think about.
My companion and I are doing well. I've done small service like washing his dishes, ironing his shirt, or just taking his backpack to him when we are ready to leave. He made me a smoothie a couple times this week and things are just going a lot better.
I also thought id give you a picture i took the other night as i got bored playing with my camera. Its pretty great.

Elder Moore
ps write me letters.

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