Monday, May 13, 2013

Things Are Getting Better

So this past week was better than past weeks so things are going up hill. It was really nice to talk to mom and dad on mothers day even if i couldn't see them. That was a bummer though.
This week was really tough for baptisms again. We were supposed to have one friday but he went to guayaquil and wasnt coming back till late on sunday. We planned for another on Sunday with the exception of getting them to come to church. So we were really happy when they were 2 of the 3 that finally came to church. So we planned for the baptism that night. We got our clothes and their clothes ready. We cleaned the church. Filled the font. Invited alot of members. Then 30 minutes before we called them to remind them to bring extra clothes for after and they gave us the news. They were at the beach. They would be getting home at about 10 o´clock at night. So... i was pretty bumbed. We couldnt really contact cause of mothers day and no one was home or would listne to us for the same reason. It was a really wierd day.
I have tried to be more patient and i feel its working. Everyone is telling me to do little acts of service and thats my goal for the next week. I have done it a bit this week but im going to really go for it next week.
The spanish is coming a lot better. I still cant say everything but i feel like if i can have the confidence to start talking, i can say alot. No matter what, im definitely feeling the gift of tongues at work. The fact that i can learn a language this quickly while im always tired and sore and not in the best mood is crazy.
I would love to say everyone needs to write me more but for all i know everyone has sent me a letter and its just sitting in the mission office. So, if they havent written me. Write me. If youve writen and i havent written back im sorry. I dont really have a post office here and i never get my letters but i will write you when i can.
Mosiah 4:6-12 was what i was studying today and its pretty cool. Also 2 Nefi 28 and 29 are really good. Im getting better at studying in spanish thats for sure.
One thing im really missing though is music. I cant listen to my music that i brought cause its not mo-tab and my comp never plays his mo-tab. Even the hymns at church arent enough. It doesnt help that they arent the right tune half the time here. The members just kinda go with what they think it is and it rarely ever is correct. So I cant wait until i can get some real hymns to hear. They dont even adjust to the piano or people who know the hymn half the time. Its impossible. But its pretty funy at times too.

Elder Moore

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  1. elder moore, hechale muchas ganas, ya viene el idioma muy pronto pero en el momento trate de aprender todo lo possible de su companero y los miembros. le voy a escribir una carta pronto y explico el peor y.mejor dia de mi mision. bisque conversos, no solamente a bautismos!!!