Monday, April 22, 2013

Things Are Moving Along A Little Bit

So things are really tough. This past week i was pretty bummed out most of the week. Wednesday was great and the rest was really really bad. I felt like we are losing investigators left and right. Then the language was just really frustrating.  I also am sad that Elder Anderson (my ZL) got transferred this week. The intercambios were always a highlight of my week cause i actually had someone to talk to consistently.

We are probably going to get 4 baptisms this week. They are all doing really well and progressing. Not like the 6 from last time that were kinda iffy. They all have their challenges but they are moving really well.

The whole thing in Boston really freaked me out. Especially when i couldn't understand the news and i just saw the video of the explosion. Its a blessing that Mckelle Boren´s Mom and Irfan are ok.
Pretty much i'm getting used to the work but its still hard and i need to work on my patience. Nothing really bad has happened.The young men and young women in the ward want me to teach an English class. I told them maybe but they would have to invite nonmembers and less active members. They agreed but i dont know if we could do it cause i just don't know how to teach English haha. I could mainly teach Spanish in reverse haha. But one sister in the ward gets her mission call Tuesday and she said that if she is going to the US she needs me to teach her English I figured that would work cause its gospel Spanish i know the best haha. Everyone should send me letters through Pouch. I didn't get the chance to get me letters for this week yet but they always make me way happier to read.

Pouch Address:
Elder Mason C. Moore
Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission
POB 30150
SLC UT 84130-0150

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