Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting In The Groove Of Things

 So the plan was to have 6 baptisms this past Saturday. Tuesday to Thursday really messed with that. Tuesday we called 2 of them to see if we could visit to teach them but they will be out of town and their mom isn't really supportive of their investigating. So that brings us to 4. We had trouble getting hold of another. He never seems to be there. He then got hurt on Thursday on a bike crash and cut his leg. Now 3. One lady (the mom of the boy who was baptized my first week) had Dengue all week. 2. Wednesday we tried to find an 82 year old referral who had the lessons in the past, started coming to church and wanted to be baptized. We took a taxi out and could not for the life of us find his house. We ended up looking for an hour and then waiting for a ride back for another hour. Then on Friday we found out that he had died. Really Sad stuff. 1 person made it to interviews. She had had trouble with word of wisdom and only came to church a bit. Then in the interview she told the ZL that she doesn't want to be baptized. So we did not have any baptisms this week. Really tough stuff.
This week we had another intercambio with the ZLs. they said we do them a lot and I'm glad. they really help me stay upbeat. I am always with Elder Anderson. Its good to be able to speak a bit of English. He's been out for 21 months now and is a super great guy. He gives me a bunch of tips about the mission.
You can let Cody know that Elder Anderson said we don't really have to worry about getting robbed. He hasn't been and only knows of a couple elders that have been. Just be smart and you'll be fine. People are really respectful of religious people.
Things are going fairly well though. The weather has been weird this week. it will be sunny and clear in the morning and at like 6 or 7 just start pouring rain. But that was only like 3 days this week. Its really pretty cool though.
I got some letters today from Grandma and Grandpa Heiner, You guys, and Simon. It was really good to hear from everyone and its awesome that Simon knows Duzzett and Edmonds. I hope to get in touch with Duzzett after the mission and that's awesome that we will have the 3 of us. It was also really cool to hear about how the ward is sending out so many missionaries at the end of the semester.
The pouch letters got here in about a week. I was really surprised by that.

Elder Moore
Ser constante es la puerta del exito.
(Being consistent is the door to success)

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