Monday, April 29, 2013

This was a really weird week

So Monday we had one of our investigators do something really cool. We went in planning to teach Sabbath Day and Tithing. When we got to her house, she said she had a couple questions cause she read For The Strength of Youth. She wanted to know more about the Sabbath Day and Tithing. It was really cool to see her want to know more.
Tuesday was pretty much normal. We were super busy which was good.
Wednesday was when things started to get really interesting. We had a zone conference in Babahoyo. So it was four zones and Pres. Amaya talked to us. Because of this we had to get up at 4:20 in the morning. We traveled there and it went well. We learned that its official if i'm here on July 1 i'm in the north mission. Another change on July 1 is we will no longer eat lunch with the members. This is because some elders are spending too much time. We will eat in the restaurants  Starting in May we will get 12 more dollars each time to pay for this. I'm not excited.
On the way back from the conference we had a guy preaching out of an English bible and translating it for the people. He got it right but it was weird. Then our bus got stopped cause it was like 8 at night and we all had to get out and they asked for our papers. I hadn't gotten my green card yet so i was worried but they didn't seem to care and let us all back on.
Thursday we went to Guayaquil to get my papers. This meant a 4ish hour bus ride out there. Me and Elder Brady just chatted the whole time. There we were excited to talk with Elders Gray, Erickson and Costello. We came back and got back at like 9:30. So that is two days in a row without any lessons.
Friday and Saturday we did our 3 interviews. (the other wants to be baptized with her sister in a couple weeks) and they all passed. Saturday was the service and at the time of it, none of the investigators showed...
But finally 1 showed up like 20 minutes late and i got to baptize him. It was really cool. Turns out that the other two could come and we couldn't contact them cause their mom is sick and in the hospital. So we will see about them in the future.
Things are going pretty good though. Definitely hard.

Elder Moore

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