Monday, April 1, 2013

Starting it off in Ecuador!

Well i am finally in the field. I don't know if i'm excited or terrified. The CCM was cool and the people there where super awesome. But overall i am glad to be doing something and not just sitting around and talking about what i want to do. The work is tough. We don't have bikes or a car so it walking everywhere and a bit of buses.

The area i'm in is called Buena Ventura. The City is Quevedo and the sector is Buena Fe. It was a three and a half hour bus ride then a 15 minute car ride with the stake president to our apartment. Its pretty cool and just what i expected. its fairly poor but not horrible. The people are super loving and nice. Also all the members know St. George. I say Utah and then they ask what part and when i tell them they talk about the tithing talk that pres Snow gave. Then they ask if that happens a lot or how often it rains etc. But overall the people are way cool.

The Spanish is on its way. I can understand most of what is being said but not all that's for sure. I pretty much know what they are talking about but not the specifics. I told Elder Mayta (my trainer) that i want to talk as much as possible so he gives me plenty of opportunities. He is a quiet, fast mumbler. Its difficult to understand him most of the time. Hes from Lima and has been out 15 months but i'm his first norteamericano compaƱero. He's pretty easy to get along with.

Sometimes i forget that i am pretty tall here. I have to duck to get in and out of the bathroom, i'm normally the one of the tallest in the room or on the bus.

Easter is huge here. its called the semana santa and everyone takes the weekend or more off. They show videos about Jesus on TV so every house we went to was watching those. Some are about Mary too. Mayta told one of the members that these videos are "apostasy." i guess they might be i can't completely understand the message they have.

So sabado was a first. It was my first baptism. now it wasn't really mine cause i walked into it but mayta said i should "count" it. It was of a 17 year old boy who is really excited about the church. There was supposed to be a 12 year old boy too but two days before his dad told us not to teach him anymore. But the 17 year old boys name is Luis Eduardo and now his mom has a date for baptism on the 13th. we have like 10 people with the date but only 3 are on tract to really be baptized. 3 are kids who the mom doesn't want them baptized, 3 are a family that is really casual about the church, and 1 is a lady who doesn't want to follow the word of wisdom or come to church. but the 3 that are progressing are doing great.

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