Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Week Left In The MTC

This past week raced by. The group just older than us left and we were "in charge" all week. It was weird cause we had been with them all four weeks and now they are just gone. I missed them quite a bit and i know understand why some people say that all the good byes in their missions is the hardest part. Woolner, Duzzet, Stanley, Cooper and Ayer are great missionaries and will be great. Duzzet went to the U and is a sick guy. He was even by me at the USU Utah game and i didn't even know.

Our last p'day here was interesting. The best one no doubt though. We finally got the early session and so we had so much time after. the other group is still finishing eating and we have everything we need to do done. I wish we had this time the other ones.
Soccer is definitely the best part of our days. I have been bringing out my inner Spiff and playing Goalie. I have been doing pretty good. Not great but its my best position out there. I have gotten some goals other times though too. One was from like 20 yards out to the left of the goal, bent into the top corner, i don't even know what i did to do it but even the latinos thought it was sick.
Our last week is going to be tough but i'm excited. I'm really nervous but this past week the Spanish has been coming really well. I had to teach the entire Word of Wisdom talk last night. I did well and think i was able to make the right comments. I know i have a bunch to improve but i'm not scared of teaching anymore and that is a huge improvement.
Our district is doing super well, everyone gets along. We have had to do a few blessings for the sisters in the past few weeks but everything seems to be great now. I gave one this morning and luckily we just need to do it in English.
Ill send some pictures if i have time. Oh and rumor has it that in July the rules change were you can email anyone and you will get 2 hours. I'm hoping this is true. I figured it would be coming soon.

Elder Moore

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