Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting In The Swing Of Things

Hey so its good to hear that everyone is doing pretty good.

I am quite a bit taller than Elder Mayta. But either way its all good i'm taller than pretty much everyone.
I talked to our ZL and he said that we are in the farthest north part of our mission. Like the next city down the road is in the Quito mission. Its nice cause we are higher elevation. Not a lot but a bit. So this is actually the coldest part of our mission. I had noticed that the heat was not the problem at all here its just the humidity. Either way we have a "cold" season too. Its in Junish to like September. Apparently the sky's clear up and the humidity goes down and its supposed to be really good weather. I might be here for that cause Elder Anderson (ZL) said its likely that we will train right after we finish training and it would be in the same area. So who knows.

Conference was a struggle and a victory at different times. Saturday morning we went and one of our investigators who has been super excited about the church didn't end up coming. I was excited to hear about the Cedar City Temple. Everyone asked me if i lived by it. But I was able to understand a lot of the messages of the first session. Until we lost internet about a hour and fifteen minutes in. So they fought with that before realizing they couldn't fix it and call someone who said they would come 40 minutes later. So that was the end of that session for us. We went back and ended up taking a small nap cause there was only 45 minutes till the next session. We woke up and it was pouring rain. We went to the capilla and they didn't have power. The entire section of town had had their power cut for work on it. So after 30 minutes there we called our ZLs and got on a bus and went to watch it at the stake center. We caught the last 45 minutes of it. With about 15 minutes left a member came and asked if id rather watch in English  I didnt want to be a bother and so i said no. I didn't know that elder Brady and Elder Anderson were watching it in English in a different room there. So i wish i had done that. Then we went back and watched the Priesthood session at the capilla cause the got hold of a generator. Everything worked fine and we could listen to all of it. I understood what they were talking about but not well enough to take it to heart. I didn't like the Pres. Uchtdorf and Pres. Monsons voices weren't the same. I hoped they could find a German who spoke Spanish to translate. But they did not. But was we walked back i felt really excited and ready to go and filled with the spirit.

Sunday Sessions were different for me. we started the day with watching the Saturday afternoon session at 8 am. I couldn't understand it near as well. I really didn't get anything from it. We then went and got an investigator to come watch the 11 o'clock session. I understood pretty much nothing from this one too. pretty much just what they were talking about (ie. atonement, missionaries) but not what they had to say about it. It really started to get me frustrated. I had trouble focusing during it too. I was tired, frustrated, little kids were trying to talk to us, and the room was packed and loud. The afternoon session was the same without the packed room. Only Sunday morning had a full room. Everyone thought it was the same thing played 5 times. But it was frustrating that i didn't get anything on Sunday so i ended up being in a bad mood for the rest of the day. 

The Work is going good though. We had an investigator who told us we could meet her at 6:30 one day. We got there a bit late and she wasn't there so we started to teach her sisters and cousin. Then she sprinted in the door covered in sweat and seemed really happy we were still there. So we taught her. She is way cool. She told us about how she goes to the Jehovah's Witnesses but feels like its not complete. She doesn't like how much other religions talk down and insult the beliefs of the others. She seems to be really interested and now her sister is too. I think they could definitely be baptized soon. We don't have a date yet but i think she will be completely willing. 

Elder Mayta is pretty cool. He has been a member for about 5 years now and has been out 15 months. His family has been slowly baptized and now they almost all are members. He is super quiet and its hard to start conversations with him. Its tough to keep them going too. But he has mentioned David Archeleta a few times this week and how he bets that he is super successful cause he is famous. I told him that Kelsi met him and he seemed a bit surprised but i think he thinks all the Mormons in Utah know each other.  But overall i'm starting to hear him a lot better now and understand more. Still not a lot but more.

My pres. is pretty strict. No reading or writing letters except on p-day except we get the mail on tuesdays. No emailing anyone not family. 

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