Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MTC Week Four

This past week has been pretty good. We had the trio with Johnson start and it ended on Monday Another elder went home and so they moved him to that district. I'm gonna miss him cause he was really cool and he knew a lot about St. G. and snow canyon actually. He played baseball and loved our field and Secrist.
This week was the week that the elders who were here when we came went to the field. They left this morning and it is really weird that now we are the "old" ones. but either way. I guess its a good sign cause we are closer to the field now. But we took pictures with them last night and got their contact info. I'm definitely going to try and keep in touch with them. they are great guys.
We changed the lesson format a bit this week. Instead of teaching with Costello I'm teaching the investigators with elder grey (Aussie). Its really helpful for all 4 of us. Me and Grey are able to talk more and not feel like we are ruining the conversation. Costello and Erickson are able to have the investigator speak full speed Spanish and learn from that.
Overall, this week raced by. Its definitely been the fastest week and this group of latinos just seemed like they got here but now they are gone.1st group had like 70 latinos. 2nd group was 100 latinos and this next group is going to have 130 latinos. Its going to be crazy. we also get 12 more north americans. I don't know how we will all fit in here. The food lines are way longer now. I cant imagine what they will be next week.
Not too many great stories for this week but i was glad to have gotten some letters this week. Everyone was jealous cause i had like 6 together and most people got like 2 or 3 but i was pumped. One elder did get 8 though so i was not the champion of them all.
I put on the pictures with the 4 elders leaving and me and a picture of a bunch of the gringos on my floor. I'm glad that we all get along well.
I hope everyone is doing well and that you all keep me updated. Sorry i couldn't write more but i really don't get much time here and they pack your schedule anyway. We are off to the temple right now.

Elder Moore

ps all letters sent from now on should go to my mission address cause they wouldn't get here in time. thanks

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