Thursday, March 7, 2013

MTC Week 3

Yesterday President Cardon gave us some interesting news. We were getting a new missionary in our district. In fact he is in our room and makes it a threesome with Costello and I. His name is Elder Johnson. He is from Salt Lake. He was here in November but had to leave cause of shoulder surgery. He is going to Guayaquil North also and is now on the same time table as us. He seems cool and got here at 2 in the morning.
I got my Llama tie last week and today got a llama hat for when i get back. They both have llamas sowed into them and also they are made out of llama. I might buy a few and mail them back home but i think that might be too expensive. They are about 6 bucks each though. There are also llama ties that have the different temples on them but they are always out of the Guayaquil temple. I'm hoping to find it before i leave.
The language is getting better. The new group was saying that they thought they new Spanish until me and Elder Costello taught a lesson with two of them and they then realized how much they don't know. That was a good confidence boost.
The spanish is affecting my english though. I cant spell half the time and am continually correcting it in this email. Its ok though cause for now the spanish is what i need.
The new group of latinos are all from Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Peru. They speak so fast! I wish i was spiff cause i could understand the honduran elder last group but i cant understand the chilean or ecuadorian elders. Super fast and super mixed together words. One of our roommate is Chilean and the other is from Guayaquil North. Its funny cause the ecuadorian is way more outgoing and i cant understand him at all.
The DSD here is right next to the temple and is super cheap. the garments are 1.8 soles. 1 us dollar is 2.6 soles right now. Super cheap and the books are about the same price.
I bought a Peru Soccer Jersey the other day. Its sick and i feel like i play better when i wear it. Its white with a red diagonal stripe. It was 20 soles. Such a steal! Im definitely getting one or two in Ecuador cause their jerseys are way cool and apparently just as cheap.
Overall, everything seems to be good. They changed food companies and that is good cause the food is better but not as much. There is still plenty but not fat american amount.
Ill try and throw a few more pictures on here for you. I cant remember what i put on last time so hopefully these ones are different. who knows if i remembered which or not.
Today everyone was glad cause Elder Johnson was able to tell us the news in sports. Make sure to keep me updated on that junk. How are the Jazz doing and what not? mail me a copy of the NCAA tourney bracket too. I might just try to fill it out.
Well ill keep you updated. Adios!
Elder Moore

Elder Moore and his companion Elder Costello

The Elders

Mason and some of the Elders.

Lima Peru Temple

Elder Moore at the Lima Peru Temple

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  1. Elder Moore is looking sharp and sounding great. Thanks for posting.