Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 1 MTC

They told us to have you not send us packages while in the CCM because it takes most of P-day to deal with and is expensive.
The first week has been good. They are super long days. We all try not to fall asleep and pay attention but we are so tired. We haven´t gotten used to the schedule yet. Our teachers only speak spanish. Some know a bit of English but it is tough to get our messages and questions understood.
The food is super weird. They have the fake hot dogs with like every meal. We think it might be because they think the Norteamericanos like it. Either way, I´m starting to like Flan alot more. They have Jello a lot. There is always soup but I´ve decided to stop getting that cause its not that good. We also have to eat everything on our tray to avoid being rude. It is horrible. Like this morning for french toast. I have one thing left when I was full but I had to finish it.
The language is coming, but not that fast. I was really discouraged the other day because my companion is pretty much fluent. He listened to the fireside on Sunday with out the headphones and understood it all. Its also tough when we teach cause he can say so much more and I feel lost. I was happy cause last night I was able to follow the whole converstation. I was even able to talk a bit without having to read it out of my book. I understand more than some of the elders. But Im not up to the level of my companion and Elder E. I understand a lot of what our teachers say but not all of it.
That´s horrible for Scott and Rachel. I´m so sad that they could not live their whole lives with each other.
We go to the temple in about 30 minutes. We will also go shopping and everything like that. I don´t think I´ll need a blanket for now. from what I hear there is some mountains in my mission and also some rainforest. so im not sure what the weather will be like. We start going and talking in the streets on saturday. We will get a latino companion. It will be interesting to see if I can know what to say.
Lima is on the coast. Its humid but im getting used to it. It´s got random mountains throughout the city. Like a really big hill in the middle of a valley. It doesn´t make sense but it looks distinct.
Elder G. is actually Australian and we crack jokes with him about it all the time. He's great. He says puppies a lot so we joke with him that in Australia they never become dogs. We also joke about how everything in Australia is trying to kill him. Kangaroo, Koala, Dingos, Sharks, Platypus jokes are also inevetable. He said no one says put another shrimp on the Barbie though.
I've been told I look like Harry Potter, Bart Simpson and Beavis so far. I am hoping that I get a new one every day and so it keeps it interesting.
Oh and yesterday in soccer, we played Gringos v. Latinos. We knew we would get killed but we ended up winning. I didn´t do great but I did good enough to enjoy it. Elder E. got two goals. My companion got one. Elder G. is a master at soccer. He can beat most of the latinos. It really fun and everyone is great sports about it. No matter what, everyone laughs and jokes, even if you miss a easy goal or make a mistake.

Everything has been going great. Its hard work but I´m learning.
√Člder Moore

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