Thursday, February 28, 2013

MTC Week 2

With this second week, it was a lot tougher. I felt lost in class. Everyone seemed to be progressing a lot faster. My companion refuses to admit that he is pretty much fluent. He translates for our class half the time. We went proselyting and I felt like I didn't understand a word anyone was saying. It has been killer. I was really discouraged.
But things are getting better last night was the last night with these Latinos  They were up all night but at about 10, we sang in the stairwell some hymns. All the norteamericanos on one part, the Latinos above us. We sang in English  they sang in Spanish. It was really cool.  I also had a laughing fit at the end of class last night and I needed it. I was super stressed out and it helped me to distress.

Last p-day was actually really stressful. I couldn't go get my llama tie. Hopefully I can get it today. 

The Lima temple is cool. Way different than St. George. Also as the we were waiting for the session, the lights went out for about 15-20 seconds. Then in the session the lights flickered the whole way. Also I was surprised cause pretty much all the other elders were struggling in there. They didn't seem like they had gone through before for a couple. Also the entire session is in one room. Except the celestial room. weird but cool.The temple session was in Spanish but we had headphones. We even got to go through the end in English cause the male worker knew it. It was cool to hear though.

We are all super excited about the new missions. I am wondering about Jared and Brad and Ty on if their missions will change too. I doubt spiffs will but it might.

Overall this week has been a roller coaster though. Really tough but at times really good. I'm going to keep trying cause with the lord i can do it. Either way today is p-day and i know i will get a good chance to relax today. I'm excited for it. I need it.

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