Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Email

The trip was not too bad. The worst part was definitely the flight to Lima Peru from Atlanta. It was just over 6 hours, we left late, customs was a mess, no one knew how to fill out the immigration paperwork, an elder lost his bag, we didn't get back until 2:30 but it was entirely in Spanish from the second we got here. We got up at 6:30 this morning just to find out that we could have slept in till 9. Pretty obnoxious but not too bad. We flew over Guayaquil on our way. It was kinda cool to see everything there, even if it was not very good of view.

My companion is Elder Costello. He is who mom thought was elder Lacy. He is pretty cool and we get along great. He looks and acts just like Cameron Moore. Seriously just wait till you see a picture.

The air is pretty much water here. I am continually sweating and wearing a jacket is like a punishment. I could not sleep last night cause of how humid it is. Its not even that hot. Its just we are in a swimming pool. Me and Costello were joking about it until we fell asleep just after 3:30.

Here is the MTC address:
Avenida Melgarejo 159
Urbanizacion Campo Verde
La Molina

There were about 14 missionaries that flew with us. They are all pretty cool. We met up with a couple more elders that flew in from LA and one from New Zealand. Its pretty cool. I don´t know which mission most of these guys are in. They are anywhere from Bolivia to the northern part of South America. There are some cool elders in my mission.

I'm glad that Paige was able to come and find me. It was cool talking to her. It was a surprise but a good one. Right before i talked to paige I got to talk to a sister that is leaving the SLC temple mission. She is from Quito but was baptized in Guayaquil. She flew with us from SLC to ATL. It was cool to talk to her for a bit.

That sucks that the girls are only going in the 3rd seed. They could be so much better. I hope them and boys win state.

I don't doubt that they were really concerned and that mom was fine. Jared and Spiff were good to keep you guys distracted.

It has been all spanish here and its way scary. Me and Costello agree that this is going to be crazy to learn and we can't wait till we can understand it. I now know that I'll be ok if I can pick it up soon. We are two of the elders that understand the most so far. but again i dont understand anything.

This morning for breakfast was weird. we had a sandwich with fake hot dogs and tuna, some runny yogurt, and a weird fruit that was pretty good but way different. It gave us upset stomaches today but apparently it is not served very often.


Elder Moore

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