Sunday, April 13, 2014

Those Bleeding Toe Missionaries

First of all I love the Priesthood Session of conference. Super direct and I recommend that everyone reads all the talks. Super super great.
But in the Sunday morning session, we were in the church with everyone and the sound went out in the church. We missed part of Pres. Utchdorf, the lady after him and then all of the talk by the guy after her. So that was a bummer but at least we got everything in order for Pres. Monson. IT was really great. I will have to keep listening to the Conference talks this week as I am in the office. Oh and lots of missionaries are saying that Pres. Packer was saying goodbye to everyone. We will see.
For the Afternoon Session we had to go to a different Stake Center. Which killed the chance of someone showing up on their own effort. So that was a bummer.
As for the week. we didn't get to much time to work but we did get an interview for Andrea. She is supposed to get baptized today but doesn't feel ready and we haven't been able to visit with her that much. So I'm kinda bummed about that.
This week I finally gave in and told the mission nurses about an ingrown toenail that I have. I ended up going to the doctor and getting it fixed. But apparently it was so bad that the lady who was cutting it wanted to take pictures of the before, during and after. So that was cool. This week I have had to go through and clean all of it up and keep it clean.
Also today I got a bad haircut.
And today we went to the newly opened Wendys in Guayaquil. Kinda disappointing but it was pretty good.

Elder Moore

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